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5 Fahadh Faasil roles that define the uniqueness in his choices

The highly versatile malayalam actor celebrates his 38th birthday today. One of the flag bearers of a new wave of experimental and unconventional films in the Malayalam film industry, here’s looking back at some of his pivotal and most appreciated roles of all time. 1. Bangalore DaysOne of the highest grossing Malayalam films of all... Continue Reading →

Prateek Sohal: The Budding Designer who took his Grandma too seriously

Lover of all things spicy and fun, Prateek Sohal, a final year student of Knitwear Design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru, is a fashion superstar waiting to happen. A finalist at the Wool Runway Challenge initiated by the Woolmark Company, the young designer has what it takes to be the next big... Continue Reading →

The Billie Look Spectrum!

Billie Eilish is not your regular girl next door, for obvious reasons. Apart from her painfully truth centric, mellow yet hard music, she's also a teenage icon because of her strong opinions and the way she dresses. Some call her choices bold while some call her off as immature. But she clearly knows what she's... Continue Reading →

Closets are meant for clothes!

Illustrations by: Shreya Bhardwaj This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and people are talking about it way more than they did a year ago. It’s probably also because I’ve been recently exposed to a lot of stories regarding the struggles of not fitting in. In India, amidst other subjects of concern... Continue Reading →

The fault in our dogs.

People say they own dogs. I’ve never owned one. Who am I to own something so priceless? However, I’ve loved many. As a toddler, I’d been distanced from animals. They were to look at and admire, not to be touched or played with. I was around 6 years old when my uncle brought home his... Continue Reading →

FOMO! It’s real.

FOMO or the fear of missing out is defined by Wikipedia as a fear of regret, which may lead to a compulsive concern that one might miss out on an opportunity for social interaction, an experience, or other satisfying events. In relatable terms, it’s the assumption that our friends are having more fun or are... Continue Reading →

10 things to do in the NEW but OLD Delhi.

Delhi serves up an amalgamation of history, culture, cuisine, commerce and street life, with countless sights and activities to keep visitors thoroughly engaged. Everyone ends up doing the same things. If you want to have a stand out experience, here are a 10 unique things you can try when you visit next time. Admire the... Continue Reading →

Kerala Unseen

June. It’s the month of eternal bliss for us Malayalees who are surviving farther north from where our parents learned to walk. The very air changes flavor as soon as the train enters Kerala borders. The tourist version of Kerala is something all have seen or read about. The Kerala my childhood had been to,... Continue Reading →

The bullets that missed

It’s been a hundred years since those 10 horrific minutes that marked a turning point in the Indian independence struggle. The Jalianwala Bagh massacre still sends shivers down the spine just by the mention and the ground stands witness to the inhuman atrocities of the British Empire till date. At Jallianwala Bagh, which is a... Continue Reading →

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